2016 m. kovo 22 d., antradienis

Margučių dažymas

Šiemet Velykoms ruoštis pradėjau gerokai per vėlai. Norėjau "pridažyti" kiaušinių linu, bet panašu, kad nebespėsiu. Bet bent pradžia bus padaryta. O užbaigsiu iki Kalėdų.

This year I started preparing for Easter too late. I wanted to finish decorating these eggs with linen (this means not only crocheting, but also embroidering on them). But Easter is coming too quickly. But I can make them for Christmas too. It is not the last Easter (I hope so).

2 komentarai:

  1. never mind you will not get them done in time remember to share them when done, there is always next year. happy Easter to you and yours

    1. Dear Margaret, of course, I'll show them as soon as I finish (but it will take some time, I have too many other ideas what to do).